Advertising with Infinity Adboards provides a simple yet effective way to capture your target audience. Get your business or your event noticed by multiple people, multiple times in one shot. Contact us today for our competitive advertising rates that are sure to beat, print, radio and television advertisement pricing. We ask our advertisers to provide us with their marketing material in a timely manner to ensure placement within the rotation of Infinity Adboards. Our graphic design team can also customize advertisements if logos and content are provided. We make it easy: Send us what you have or build your own.

Reaching new clients just got easier. We target high traffic areas and on average our ads can provide instant access to provide instant access to more than 300 views per day and up to 9,000 viewers per month in each location. With thousands of current and new residents in the area, businesses are bound to see a noticeable change in their bottom line. The formula is simple. We lead clients to your company and the rest is up to you. Our track record of productivity in the market speaks for itself, enabling us to begin expansion beyond Rochester’s borders. The progress of Infinity Adboards directly affects our advertisers because as we expand into other markets, our advertisers branding footprint also leaves valuable impressions with potential new clients. With our growth, we still maintain competitive rates, beat the competition and ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the Advantages of Infinity Adboards:

Newspaper Ads are often thrown away.

Infinity Adboards are never thrown away.

Newspaper Ads are typically seen once.

Infinity Adboards are seen multiple times in high traffic areas throughout the day.

Newspaper Ads are held by one reader in one location.

Infinity Adboards are seen by multiple readers in multiple locations daily.

Radio Ads have no guarantee the audience is listening.

Infinity Adboards provide a visual of rich high quality messages to captive audiences.

Radio Ads are quick and information is not repetitive.

Infinity Adboards display long enough for consumers to take down information and the ads are repetitive.

Billboard Ads are in one location.

Infinity Adboards are strategically placed in multiple locations to reach your target customers.

Billboards only catch your eye when you are driving making it difficult to take down information.

Infinity Adboards keep your focus and customers have enough time to absorb information..

What features allow us to consistently beat our competitors?

  • Flexibility to change branding messages / campaigns within 24 hours.
  • Businesses have total control over what is shown on their display board.
  • Businesses can eliminate ads that may be a competitor (ie. restaurant ad inside a restaurant).
  • Advertisers are seen in multiple locations multiple times throughout the day.
  • Mapping the market allows advertisers to select the areas they want to target.
  • Our graphic design team is available to our clients seeking a fresh look.
  • Color HD quality displays capture the customer’s attention.
  • Displays are environmentally friendly. No paper and no waste.
  • We are extremely cost effective compared to other advertising options.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Digital advertising offers a quick way to reach a large audience.
  • User friendly features with remote access to create updates or changes.