Our Technology

Our customized display solutions provide the necessary tools to reach thousands. The location of the 46″ flatscreen HD digital displays work hand in hand with the advertisements on the display for optimal marketing and branding power. Infinity Adboards put readily accessible elements in the hands of business owners and advertisers allowing them to create a one-of-a-kind resource for generating revenue.

How it Works


The left side of HD Infinity Adboards are dedicated to advertisers. Rotating advertisements with company logo, content, graphics, photos and contact information are displayed for 20 seconds and placed into a repetitive rotation. Advertisers can create their own marketing campaign or our graphic design team can create an impactful campaign.

The right side of HD Infinity Adboards are designated to the actual business venue where the board is placed. This side of the board allows businesses to display a message, specials, news, updates and information to customers in a central location. The content and appearance of this side of the board can change as frequently as needed. The business side of the screen can also scroll through information with users controlling the pace. In addition, remote access allows the business to preview what the personalized digital display board will look like.

Our company developed its own unique technology for Infinity Adboards. We offer multiple features including a scrolling ticker (similar to news tickers at the bottom of a television screen) with texts and multiple scrolling functions including local news, weather or a personalized message.
The base size of Infinity Adboards are 46 inches however larger screens are available
upon request. The crisp richness of our high definition base size digital boards are effective up to 20 feet away.